Invest in the Future of Plant-Based

Sustainable eating is a megatrend, and by 2030, the global vegan food market is estimated to reach $38 billion. The growth of the market is driven by the necessity to transition towards a plant-forward diet for both environmental sustainability and human health.

The first wave of current plant-based products emerged in 2009-2011 when industry giants like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods entered the market. In Finland, the excitement peaked in 2016 with the introduction of pulled oats in food stores. Interest in plant-based eating has steadily grown ever since. However, today’s customers aren’t satisfied with just a high protein content; they also demand products that are tasty, sustainable, and have a clean label. Advanced plant-based products aim to fulfill all these criteria by employing various innovative approaches.

At Three Mushketeers, we want to ensure that consumers don’t have to compromise on taste when purchasing plant-based foods. By creating savory ingredients, we help food companies offer tastier options to consumers. I have compiled a list of factors that ensure our idea will assist food companies in producing advanced plant-based products and generate cash flow for our investors:

1.   Expertise: Behind the innovation are three food scientists from the University of Helsinki, well-equipped to create healthy and sustainable ingredients that can increase the plant-based food consumption.

2.   Positive Consumer Feedback: Our first prototype, made from mushroom waste, received great acclaim from consumers.

3.   Addressing Market Challenges: We aim to provide a product that addresses two main challenges in the growing vegan food market: tastelessness and off-flavors.

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Best regards,
Emma, CEO of Three Mushketeers